Getting to the Bottom of Plantar Fasciitis

The Foot Pain Fix

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the thick connective tissue, fascia, that spans the bottom of the foot. People with plantar fasciitis often have pain at the heel/bottom of the foot, typically worst in the morning with the first steps and can increase with prolonged standing or walking, especially if wearing inadequate footwear.  Plantar fasciitis is commonly seen in long distance runners, dancers, and/or people with abnormal foot mechanics (excessively high or low arches), obesity or lifestyles that involve a lot of standing.

The pain associated with plantar fasciitis can often linger due to the location of the tissue and repeated stress placed on this area. However, there is hope! There are exercises that can be done locally and up the chain to offload the plantar aspect of the foot and help relieve symptoms.

Strengthen the intrinsic foot musculature to better support arch:

plantar fasciitis exercise

Work on soft tissue and foot mobility to reduce strain:

mobility exercises

Strengthen the hips and core to improve overall lower body alignment and offload the injury site:

Hip Exercise

Disclaimer: If you continue to experience unbearable, reoccurring pain, be sure to schedule an appointment with your physician or join our physical therapy family and allow us to help you regain function.

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