Grading is the Key

Groin strains are prevalent injuries that occur in the active and athletic population; especially with activities that include repetitive twisting, turning, sprinting and kicking. Injury usually occurs in 3 ways: blunt trauma, repetitive injury through overuse, and forceful contraction.

Groin strains, like all muscles strains, are graded by severity:

  • Grade 1 – minimal to moderate pain but no loss of function
  • Grade 2 – severe pain with some loss of function; partial tearing of adductor muscles
  • Grade 3 – complete tear and complete loss of function

How you address a groin strain depends on the grade. For Grade 1, general mobility and eccentric strengthen work to achieve the best results. For Grade 2, you want to emphasize strengthening and minimize the amount of stretching initially in order to decrease the amount of tearing. Grade 3 will require a greater amount of caution before progressing into an extensive rehab approach.

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