Iron Health and Charter Communications

Introducing Our New Parter!


Charter Communications and Iron Health have partnered to offer all Charter Communications employees 15% off all services that Iron Health has to offer. This includes our incredible one on one Physical Therapy.* 


In addition to our incredible one on one Physical Therapy, we are offering all Charter Communications employees 15% off Dry Needling. Dry needling is an invasive technique used by healthcare providers like doctors of physical therapy to target neural, muscular, and connective tissues in order to reduce pain, restore range of motion, and increase function. This is different from “wet” needling, which involves injecting a substance into tissue via insertion of a hollow bore needle. Getting a vaccine, corticosteroid injection, or botox are all forms of “wet” needles. With dry needling, nothing is injected and the needle itself is the stimulus.


Charter Communications employees will also be able to go to any of our three state of the art clinics located in Ardsley, Briarcliff Manor, and Peekskill New York where we offer additional services such as Acupuncture, Personal Training, and Cryotherapy.


*Applicable only to those who opt for self paid care. This does not include those going through their insurance or secondary insurance providers.

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