Shoulder Pain

“How to end shoulder pain today without restricting your everyday life…”

Many think knee pain is a normal occurrence with older age. Living with knee pain prevents you from walking, running, taking the stairs, or going out with family and friends. There is no specific area of where the pain originates and your pain continues to progress with time. If you can relate, do not be alarmed. If that’s happening to you, you’re not alone.

When it comes to living with Shoulder pain, everybody wants to know the answers to the following questions:


“Why is This Happening to Me?”


“Why Am I Still Suffering with Persistent Shoulder Pain?”

Many people think shoulder pain will eventually ease up and go away on its own. As though one morning, like “magic,” it will be gone. But then 6 months later the discomfort of shoulder pain still persists…


Does This Sound Like You?

Another common situation, at Iron Health, is our patients come in and say that their physician recommended painkillers, rest, and time.

This advice is usually not the best! After a few weeks of taking painkillers and resting, you will end up back in the physician’s office due to continued or worsened pain. The physician will then recommend a STRONGER dose of medication and MORE rest. From this, we understand why so many people are experiencing chronic pain.


Has This Ever Happened To You?

Maybe you decided to rest constantly because you’ve been told that constant movement makes the shoulder pain worse. Then you heard that doing ‘this exercise’ and ‘that exercise’ will make it better. You may be confused because you have been recommended various remedies by numerous individuals, making you unsure what avenue is the proper one to take.

It can be very confusing to know what is the right thing to do – ultimately leading you to do nothing to “prevent making it worse.”

And because of this people fail to make a decision on what they can do to heal their shoulder pain. Many will just accept it as “part of life”  and that it “has” to be that way.

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7 Reasons why your shoulder pain may be lasting longer than it should:


You Classify it as temporary


Your physician recommended bed rest and anti-inflammatories to seize the pain, but after a few hours the medication wore off and the pain returned immediately


Someone you know told you "It is part of getting older."


You were unsure of where to turn for help.


The top exercises you searched, under "shoulder pain," and attempted gave you negative results.


You decided to just "wait it out," but all that did was make you more stiff and increase your pain.


You went to a local massage therapist in pursuit of relief, however the benefits were short lived.

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Stefani - Late 20's - White Plains

This is a success story from someone JUST liKE YOU, that has benefited tremendously from the care of our Iron Health team. ENJOY!

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This is a success story from someone JUST liKE YOU, that has benefited tremendously from the care of our Iron Health team. ENJOY!

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