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Consider your first session like a first date (a really good first date!). when you come in we’ll show you where to put your belongings, have you fill out a waiver, and ask you a few basic questions like if there are any injuries we should know about as well as your goals (even if you already discussed this when you signed up for your first session). once that’s all set we’ll show you what the workout is and explain how our sessions work. Then we’ll take you through the warm-up and workout movement by movement. Since we’re just getting to know you and your body and you’re just getting to know us and how we do things, we might slow down the workout for you, if it’s appropriate. Please try to arrive 5-10 minutes early so we can start the session on time!

Our goal is to help you to feel empowered about what you can do versus discouraged by what you can’t do. With that being said, if there is something you cannot do, we will always have a modification so that you can utilize the same muscle groups but with a different movement pattern. if our modifications are still not working we provide you with something completely different. if you can’t keep up we can slow things down so it feels more manageable. if it’s still too much then we can discuss different solutions after the session. Your communication is huge here. While we might be able to clearly see that something doesn’t feel right for you and your body, you must also communicate that as well so we know to give you a modification or to slow things down!

The most transparent answer, we don’t know. here is what we do know – we will provide you with challenging workouts wherever you’re at in your journey, MASSIVE accountability and support (check-ins if we notice you’re falling off) and nutrition assistance (we can also provide customized nutrition coaching as well if you would like to add that on to your program). If you’re showing up consistently and putting in the work and not getting results we will work together with you to find out why…. we may suggest bloodwork or have you log your food and movement outside of the gym for a week or so to provide you with additional support but know that we will work with you to figure out what’s going on and how we can move that needle with you towards your results.

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