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The Anterior Cruciate Ligament is an important ligament in your knee that limits excessive internal rotation as well as forward movement of your tibia. It is crucial in providing stability to the knee, especially for those playing sports. ACL sprains and tears are common in sports that involve cutting and pivoting and also contact sports, and can often be associated with other tears, such as MCL or meniscus.

Phase I (0-2 weeks): Swelling and Pain Management

Phase II (2-6 weeks): Mobility

Phase III (6-14 weeks): Strength

Phase IV (14-24 weeks) Advanced Strength / Running / Plyometrics

Phase V (6-10 months) - Return to Sport

Patient Testimonials

Cecilia S.

“My post-op physical therapy has been amazing. At the 6 week post surgical appointment with my doctor, he said that I was ahead of schedule because most people were flexing 90 degrees and I was up to 120 degrees. I am grateful for my experience with IronHealth Physical Therapy.”

Elijah C.

“I have had a great experience doing ACL rehab at Iron Health. Workouts are challenging and exciting. It is a great place with great people.”

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