Stretching Sessions

Increase Your Mobility Today!

Increase your mobility today! Our stretching sessions involve both lower and upper body. Stretching sessions use various techniques such as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and static stretching.

Being a human with busy schedules and increased time spent sitting our body can become stiff and tight. Stretching is an integral component of keeping your bodies healthy. Usually the traditional mindset is workout, workout, workout… Sound familiar? Working out and exercising is a crucial point to staying healthy, however at Iron Health we preach longevity and want you to stay healthy longer! This is why we are now offering stretching sessions!

Our stretching sessions are 30 minute guided sessions focused on increasing your muscle/tissue flexibility. It is a done for you session, unlike a yoga practice our stretching sessions are done by a qualified professional assisting you to regain motion!

H O W    W I L L    S T R E T C H I N G    H E L P    Y O U?



It seems almost odd that stretching will help increase energy. The truth of the matter is when your body is taken through our stretching program you are also aiding in increasing blood flow. With our current increased time sitting for hours on end stretching is more important than ever. We incorporate a de posturing approach – Meaning we focus on elongating the muscles that get short after repetitive posture task (such as sitting). After a stretching session you will be invigorated and rejuvenated and be able to move better than before



We all know the feeling after a big workout or a big run our muscles feel tight, stiff and sore. A lot of time after working out we get a build up of lactic acid in our muscles which can cause that sore feeling. Stretching is a necessity post workout, but it tends to get pushed to the wayside for the most part. Taking on a stretching session will help move that lactic acid out of the system and help you decrease the overall soreness.



If you are into keeping your body healthy and really value health than stretching sessions will allow you to recover at a faster rate than usual. Stretching assist you in increasing muscle flexibility as well as increasing overall blood flow so you muscles and tissues are ready to perform faster! 



Range of motion (ROM) decreases as we age- it is a crucial point of staying healthy to make sure your range of motion does not decrease rapidly. The reason for this is prolonged positional changes as well as the decreased ability of our muscle elasticity. With stretching sessions we can maintain health in out body for longer periods of time.

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