Alternative Core Exercises

With the current state of the world, it is very easy to become sedentary in our lifestyle.  More people are working from home on their desk and developing bad posture and pain. Additionally, gyms have recently opened up to limited capacity, but some might feel hesitant to return.  Home workouts are increasing as people try to stay fit and active.  Core exercises should be at the forefront of home routines, especially if people are working long hours on their computer.  However, some might need more variety than the traditional sit up or plank.  Here are three exercises that are low back friendly and can produce results!

  1. Birddog: Great exercise for low back stability and preventing pain.  Get on to all fours, maintain a neutral pelvis, and extend your right arm and left leg.  Make sure to keep that neutral pelvis and try not to let your hips rotate.  Then alternate arms and legs. 3 sets of 10 with a 5 sec hold
  2. Sideplank: The dreaded cousin of the regular plank that is amazing for lateral stability.  Make sure to keep your elbow under your shoulder and to push up towards the ceiling with your hips.  Do not let your hips dip down, but also don’t overcompensate by excessively elevating your hips. 30 sec holds for 3 sets
  3. Roll-up: Think sit-ups without the back and neck pain! Lie on your back with one leg extended and the other leg bent at the knee at 90 degrees.  Place both of your hands on your lumbar spine (the small of you back).  Engage your core by slightly pushing your back into your hands and lifting your torso off the ground.  Do not lift all the way up; you are just having your upper back hover above the ground.  Trust me, you will feel the BURN!  Hold that position for 5-10 seconds before landing back on the ground.  After performing 10 reps, switch leg positions.  3 sets 8 with 5-10 sec holds.

Give these core exercises a shot.  Not only will they help you shape your core but they will also help you prevent low back pain!

Disclaimer:  If you continue to experience unbearable, reoccurring pain, be sure to schedule an appointment with your physician or join our physical therapy family and allow us to help you regain function.

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