Are You Benching Properly?

Benching Properly:

When benching, there are many ways of injuring yourself if done incorrectly. If you aren’t sure about your technique and how it compares to proper bench technique hopefully this quick article helps you out.

Shoulder Positioning:

In your rotator cuff you have four muscles that make it up. During bench, your rotator cuff is the primary muscle group that helps stabilize your shoulder. This is why it is always good to follow good technique and if needed, drop to a lighter weight to decrease the risk of injury.

You should focus on pinching your shoulders to the bench. Imagine that you are trying to grip the bench to be able to lift it off the ground. Doing this and keeping your shoulders in a good line with your chest as if you are trying to break the bar is a great way to try and avoid a torn rotator cuff.

Following these tips is a great way to decrease your risk of injury while lifting free weights. Follow our blogs for future post for more tips and advice weekly!