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To help lower your risk of knee injuries, it’s important to make sure that you maintain full knee range of motion. Full knee motion will allow you to move about more comfortably, and is one of many pieces to help minimize lower body and knee pain. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to maintain full knee motion!

  1. IT ENSURES YOU ARE MOVING TO YOUR FULL ABILITY. Having full knee motion allows your body to express this full motion through a variety of movements.

  2. IT HELPS AVOID COMPENSATION. When your knee is moving through its full range, you are less likely to to compensate through your ankle and hip, and thus help decrease risks of ankle/hip injuries.

  3. IT KEEP YOUR MOVEMENTS SYMMETRICAL. If you’re coming back from any injury, regaining full motion to match your non-injured side will help minimize the chances that you shift movements/weight away from the limited side.

  4. IT CAN HELP LOWER INJURY RISK. While it is impossible to fully avoid injury, when you are moving with full motion, it can act as a “buffer” to give your body a little wiggle room if you find yourself in an awkward position or landing.

  5. IT KEEPS YOUR JOINT HEALTHY. Motion is lotion, so moving through full knee range will allow you to keep your joint surfaces healthy and strong

For a few examples on how to achieve and maintain full motion, check out some of our YouTube Videos:

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