Iron Health is now offering TELEHEALTH!
In a nutshell, telehealth is the use of live video communication to allow us to virtually evaluate, progress, and/or remotely treat or train patients and clients.
While telehealth does not replace in person visits, it is a great alternative during this time to continue treating patients and clients who need our services. These virtual services give new and current patients the opportunity to stay in the safety of their home while also accessing our services. The best part is that it is SIMPLE to set up and get going. Once an appointment is confirmed, we send you a link you can go to from your phone, computer, laptop, tablet, etc.
For current clients: virtual PT allows us to maintain communication, modify movements, exercises, and stretches as needed. It also gives the opportunity to continue progressing according to the plan of care established during your initial evaluation, and modify accordingly based on your current presentation.
For new clients: telehealth will allow you to be examined and screened from the comfort of your house. Since iH already performs 1:1 appointments, we have plenty of experience providing thorough assessments. While traditional strength and motion measurements can’t be taken the same as in person, there are plenty of different movement/motion and strength screens available that we can easily demonstrate and coach you through to help come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan.


While every client’s appointment will be different, there are some basic components that will be part of most virtual sessions. Here are a few things you can expect during your online appointment:

  • It’s EASY! Many of you are already performing online work, distance learning, or virtual exercise classes… this is no different!
  • We will demonstrate and coach you through what we are asking! While we can see you, you will also be able to see us live. This lets us demonstrate to you just as we would in person. Since iH already sees patients 1:1 we have plenty of first hand experience coaching movements and performing screens.
  • We will tailor the exercises to what you have available to you! Part of having success with online appointments is getting creative with your surroundings. We understand that not everyone has access to weights. But that doesn’t mean we can’t hold a backpack full of books, perform shoulder rotation with a soup can, and press a gallon of milk!


With the current situation, many are staying in the safety of their own homes, and will continue to do so until some of the restrictions are lifted. For clients seeking our services but are unable to come to the office, telehealth may be the option they are searching for. So, how do you know if telehealth is the right option for you?

  • You feel you are getting WORSE while at home. The last thing we want is for our patients to completely stop their programs and begin to regress. Telehealth is a good option for you if you want to get back on the road to making improvements.
  • You feel that your current home program is too EASY. Getting together for virtual appointments will allow us to coach you through new movements. It also gives us the opportunity to make live adjustments to your form and technique to make sure you are safely performing the new exercises/stretches.
  • You begin to experience a NEW injury. If coming to the office is not an option, we can perform a virtual examination to come up with a physical therapy diagnosis and individualized treatment plan tailored to what you need!
  • You are not LOCAL. The best part of telehealth is that it is all virtual! This means that you can be 3 minutes or 3 hours away and we can still help you!

If you are interested in telehealth, please reach out for a complementary phone consultation with one of our Physical Therapist’s to determine if it is right for you!

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