What To Watch Out For During Treatment

ACL reconstruction is surgery to replace a torn anterior cruciate ligament, a major ligament in your knee. ACL injuries most commonly occur during sports that involve sudden stops and changes in direction (Examples: basketball, soccer, football, and other field/contact sports.)

In reconstruction, the torn ligament is removed and replaced with a piece of tendon from another part of your knee or from a deceased donor. This surgery is an outpatient procedure that’s performed through small incisions around your knee joint.

The ACL is one of two ligaments that crosses the middle of the knee — connects your femur to your tibia and helps stabilize your knee.

Most ACL injuries happen during sports and activities that can put stress on the knee:

  • Cutting/ switching directions quick, suddenly slowing down or stopping
  • Pivoting with your foot firmly planted
  • Incorrect landing mechanics from a jump

Within the first few weeks after surgery, you should strive to regain a range of motion equal to that of your opposite knee. It may take eight to 12 months or more before the individual can return to any physical activity

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Disclaimer: If you continue to experience unbearable, reoccurring pain, be sure to schedule an appointment with your physician or join our physical therapy family and allow us to help you regain function.

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