Healthy Shoulders; The Key to Advance Performance

Hitting a ceiling in your performance? Can’t seem to break through weight on your big lifts? Are your shoulders achy and tender?

Then this article is for you!

The Shoulder is a hypermobile joint. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy I see a ton of people come in with complaints of shoulder pain and usually wait too long to acknowledge it. The best advice I can give anyone is to make sure you keep yourself healthy prior to pain. This will keep you moving pain free longer! However, do not feel discouraged that pain is present… we can help with that as well! There are always ways to keep moving forward.

Let’s look at the Shoulder Joint briefly to understand the complexity of it.

Healthy Shoulder Diagram

The Shoulder Joint is a Ball and Socket Joint. This means it has a ton of movements and mobility. The sphere shape of the Humerus allows the joint to move in all planes of motion. Joint issues themselves can arise from this motion freedom. You can develop a stiff or tight joint/ joint capsule. Traditionally these require manual intervention to help increase the mobility. Since this joint is extremely mobile the muscles/tendons have a major factor on the overall mobility of the joint. It is crucial to keep your muscles healthy, mobile, and flexible to ensure overall shoulder health. There is a ton of education about the shoulder that we can go into (but this is not the highlight of the article at hand…we have a seminar talking about this! CLICK THE BUTTON)


The purpose of this article is to give you something to get ahead of where you are now! By helping keep your shoulders moving well to ensure health. There are some basic drills you can implement today for instant relief.

The first is opening up your Thoracic Spine! This will help the shoulders out by increasing your mobility in the Spinal Column that many of us lack. Please see the video below to assist with this drill!

The second drill is beneficial for shoulder mobility, hip mobility, and shoulder health. It is an advanced exercise so proceed with caution. It is one of my all time favorite exercises. It is called the Windmill! Check out the instructions below…

Education really is power. The more one can learn about their body, the healthier one will be. This will only give you more power in life. Do not wait until there is pain, start today, to enhance tomorrow… If you are currently suffering from pain understand it is not too late, but you must act now to help yourself progress in life. Do not delay any further! Educate yourself here:

Disclaimer: If you continue to experience unbearable, recurring pain, be sure to schedule an appointment with your Physician or join our Physical Therapy Family and allow us to help you regain function.

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